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Information for Parents

Collection from Out of School club


When collecting your child please use the parking spaces at the rear of Maple House which are marked bays 1-6. Please do not park at the front of the setting.

Change of collection procedure for children

The procedure for informing Stone & Fairford Leys of changes to main parent/carer collecting their own child is as follows:

  1. If an emergency occurs within the day where the child is not going to be picked up by their main parent/carer then we must be informed via telephone call, giving the name and telephone number of the person who will be responsible for collecting their child.

  2. All advanced changes to arriving/collecting will need to be recorded in our collection book. Speak to a member of staff.

  3. Any changes that are to remain permanent re the normal parent/carer that collects your child that, then please inform us in writing

  4. Parents MUST inform us if their child is being collected by another person from the school playground e.g. going to a friend’s house for tea

It is very important that Stone & Fairford Leys are made aware of changes to different parents/carers collecting children, as we are fully responsible for your child and if we are not made aware of changes, we are within our rights to withhold children from leaving the premises.

Cancellation Policy


We will require 6 weeks’ notice should you wish to withdraw your child from our breakfast or afterschool club

Health & Safety Information


  • All forms must be returned before your child starts with Stone & Fairford Leys - This is a legal requirement by OFSTED and we regret that without the completed and signed forms we will not be able to permit a child to be left within the care of Stone & Fairford Leys

  • Illness – Please allow your child to fully recover from illness before they return to Stone & Fairford Leys.  Apart from mild colds, any contagious illness (including diarrhoea and/or vomiting) should be contained at home for at least 48 hours.

  • Stone & Fairford Leys staff will only administer prescribed medication when a medication form has been completed and signed by parents & Carers. Afterschool club parents/carers that do not meet with staff in the morning will need to telephone Stone & Fairford Leys staff informing them that their child will need to have medication administered on arrival from school. Parent/carers will need to complete the medication form on collection. The form will detail the correct dosage which will need to be administered to the child under the supervision of two staff members; both staff members will sign the form to witness administration. All medications will be kept in areas that are permitted for staff only.

  • All children receiving regular/daily medication will need to have a Health care plan completed.

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